Exit Stage Fight

You're doing WHAT to the kid?

Previously in Phandalin …

  • Sister Garaele hired Ava & the Others to find a legendary spellbook, famously used by a mage whose name is better off left to history. Unfortunately, the only lead Ava & the Others had— a banshee— no longer had it.
  • What was in the graveyard, however, was Amelia, a 5-almost-6-year-old who had followed the players hoping for a song and a signature. What she didn’t know was that by following them, Amelia had narrowly avoided the razing of Phandalin by the Redbrands.
  • After foiling a kidnapping, Margie karate chopped Amelia to knock her out, and left Amelia with the divine Sister Garaele. After a quick blessing from Tymora (leaving Lorvyl thoroughly confused, religiously speaking), the players rushed to the Redbrands’ redoubt.
  • After some close calls with a spike trap and with the Redbrands Rory and Rash’ta (and with plenty of other things), Ava & the Others saved several villagers from sacrifice, including Halia, Amelia’s mother. Unfortunately, they couldn’t save Sildar Hallwinter, Gundren’s erstwhile bodyguard, from dying the way he lived: totally drunk.
  • And when they ran into Glasstaff, Lorvyl made sure that Glasstaff couldn’t stop running into Lorvyl’s tough, tooth-filled knuckles. Turned out Glasstaff was an agent of a mysterious drow known as the Black Spider, intent on sacrificing as many people as possible for unknown gain.
  • Unfortunately, Glasstaff also revealed that Sister Garaele was, in fact, an agent of the Black Spider the whole time. And now, she has Amelia.
  • But hey, at least Ava Fletcher has Glasstaff’s staff now.


Hsieh Hsieh

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