Exit Stage Fight

Gundren who?

Previously in Phandalin …

  • After being hired to deliver goods for a mining expedition, Ava, Lorvyl and Margie— a half-elf sorceress, an elven monk of Dol Arrah and a halfling bard of the ukulele— ran straight into a goblin ambush.
  • Fortunately for the goblins, the team wasn’t big on killing all of them. Unfortunately for the goblins, Ava discovered she could tear off their faces with a simple blade. And she liked that.
  • The team quickly discovered that Gundren, the dwarf who’d hired them, had gone MIA. But having only been hired to deliver his goods, they decided to explore the town of Phandalin first.
  • After meeting Barthen, the general store manager, and his two rather annoying children, the team played an impromptu song. Amazingly, it wasn’t the musical hermit Margie who played the most beautiful song, nor was it the trombone virtuoso Lorvyl— it was the harp-wielding Ava, whose musical prowess had hitherto remained secret. So began the greatest band Phandalin had ever seen: Ava & the Others.
  • Ava & the Others mania, or ATOmania for hipsters like Barthen who’d seen them since the beginning, quickly rushed over the town, winning them the hearts of everybody who saw them … except for Halia, the guildmaster of the Mining Guild. While the scarred warrior took a shine to Lorvyl’s less-than-prettiness, she didn’t like Ava and Margie too much. And she definitely didn’t like the Redbrands.
  • After shrugging off a Redbrand ambush (and peeling off some more faces), Ava & the Others discovered Sister Garaele, who offered three valuable potions of healing if they only reclaimed a spellbook from a banshee in the Phandalin cemetery. The crew prepares for a spooooooky confrontation.


Hsieh Hsieh

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