Exit Stage Fight

06/22/16: "I meant Ricter. I thought I meant Victor but I meant Ricter. Ha ha!"

Previously, on Exit Stage Fight ...

I forgot to do a Exit Stage Fight summary last time, but Lorvyl Winter and Marjie Tealeaf have got it! Thanks guys!


Okay, now time for this week’s!

  • Lorvyl Winter tied up Sister Garaele in an attempt to cajole some information out of her about the Black Spider. Maybe she was secretly into it?? Lorvyl failed on his insight check so we’ll never know.
  • Ava Fletcher intimidated Sister Garaele into giving up her entire life savings and by that we really mean Ava threatened to kill her if she didn’t so what we’re saying is Ava mugged Sister Garaele.
  • Offhand, Sister Garaele mentioned some guy named Victor, the local landlord. And of course the party decided they’d wanna go visit him, because why not go meet someone who literally slaughtered people because they had the same name as him?
  • Exit Stage Fight traversed an even jankier Tenderloin in the Docks of Neverwinter, which turned out to be a very bad neighborhood full of evil catcallers and one kinda cool guy who nodded at Ava all cool-like.
  • Sister Garaele led them to the coolest club in town, Victor’s, which admittedly looked like a pretty svelte place except for the fact that it “employed” a whole lot of slaves, including a terse elven server/bartender, two ukulele masters and a super-buff dwarf.
  • Ava had a nice conversation with the dwarf, whose name is Quentin. She knew this because he kept pointing at himself and yelling “QUENTIN!”. Meanwhile, Marjie wanted to audition for the ukulele players but that required slavery so the rest of the party vetoed this. Is Marjie into it too?? WE’LL NEVER KNOW.
  • After convincing the elven bartender that Firewing’s real name was Victor, the elf went to the back. Then she came out, Lorvyl asked her what was up in Elvish, and uh, it turned out that they should have run away, you guys.
  • So they ran away and Ava flew very dramatically but Lorvyl and Marjie fell on their face like three times which frankly was very bad for their health because who KNOWS what’s been there this is the DOCKS
  • They also left Sister Garaele behind because if there’s one thing Exit Stage Fight is really good at, it’s abandoning people. R.I.P. Thalia, Nezzna, the entire house of Nezznar, and possibly Sister Garaele and Emilia.
  • Lorvyl told the group about the nearby Temple of Dol Arrah, and off they went, meeting the very nice Brother Yoven, who sang songs and tucked the group in and cooked lovely breakfasts for them and basically raised a lot of death flags.
  • Then they went to the pet store that was run by Brother Yoven’s son, Dervish, who hit on Ava relentlessly and secured a date with her for a Wednesday youth group session except she was only in it for the moon elves.
  • Then we ended abruptly because the DM had homework.

What’s going to happen next? What’s Victor doing? Why does he control the docks and also some orcs?? IS SISTER GARAELE DEAD OR AT LEAST REALLY PISSED AT EXIT STAGE FIGHT? WILL DERVISH EVER GET A REAL DATE WITH AVA??? FIND OUTWHEN WE GET TOGETHER AGAIN.


Hsieh Hsieh

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